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Lauren Gilbert

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I absolutely love planning, designing and coordinating events, especially weddings! I have been in the wedding and events industry for a number of years, gaining the knowledge and understanding of wedding preparations through my time as Operations Manager at a wedding venue in Glasgow. Networking and building good relationships with other vendors means that I have a strong portfolio to offer clients. 

I aim for my clients to enjoy the wedding planning process, whilst maintaining their work/life balance, reducing any stress that they feel comes with wedding planning. Communication is key and by having meetings with my clients, I can ensure that their wedding vision is brought to life.

Wedding planning aside, I love to travel! I first found my love of travelling through taking part in Camp America, where I was based in Connecticut, travelling on bus from Los Angeles to New York which was an amazing adventure! Route 66 is somewhere that I will never forget. I have also travelled Australia and worked in Sydney for almost a year. Sydney was actually where I discovered my love of weddings and events and even had the opportunity to manage a small events team! I would love to explore my home country, Scotland, better by completing the North Coast 500 in summer. 

I also have the pleasure of having family bunny, Wallace, to help look after. He keeps us all on our toes! Wallace is a house bunny and is absolutely adorable - even if he does like to occasionally nibble the couch! He is certainly a very special bunny.

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Confetti Awards 2023 Finalist!!

I was absolutely blown away to be nominated as a Confetti Award Finalist for 2023. Thank you so much for voting for me and I can't wait for the awards dinner in January!
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